1. What are the INNOBAGES Awards for scientific dissemination through social networks?

The first edition of the INNOBAGES Awards for scientific dissemination through social networks is an initiative of the Bages County Council with the collaboration of knowledge and technological agents and representatives from the business world of the territory within the framework of the FormaBages program and the InnoBages project. The aim is to disseminate the research carried out in Bages among citizens and to promote research, scientific and technological vocations among young people in the region. Furthermore, we want everyone to know about the research done by the region's researchers.

On May 3rd, we will hold the Presentation Day of the Awards, and we will have the collaboration of 2 influencers and popularizer of renowned scientists on the networks: 

  • the biomedical, Sandra Ortonobes Lara (@lahiperactina) 
  • and the physicist, Toni Bertólez Martínez (@delbuitalatot). 

On this day, Sandra and Toni will tell us about their successful experience and share some essential tips and advice for disseminating science. You can also ask them and get ideas and inspiration to prepare your communication proposal for the presentation of your project. 

If you are interested in attending the Conference, prior registration is required.

2. What do the prizes consist of?

The awards aim to promote scientific dissemination among the general public and, especially, young people in the Bages region. They consist of the dissemination of doctoral theses or master's degree final projects of the participants. There are two categories: 

  1. Twitter: with threads of a maximum of 10 tweets.
  2. Instagram and TikTok: Videos of a maximum of 3 minutes.

In an entertaining, simple and casual way, it is about that you explain your proposal in one of the two possible formats (tweets or videos). We want to know the subject of the work or thesis, what has moved you to study it, the need, the objective,... To explain it, you can take advantage of all the resources and possibilities that networks allow you (images, gifs, music, video...).

3. What are the prizes?

The prizes are:

Awards for the best Twitter threads
1st prize 200 €
2nd prize 125 €
3rd prize 75 €
Awards for the best videos on Instagram and TikTok
1st prize 200 €
2nd prize 125 €
3rd prize 75 €

The winners will also be selected to participate in scientific dissemination activities of their research aimed at young people or non-specialized citizens. Participation in these activities organized by the Bages County Council will also be reimbursed.

4. Can I participate?

You can participate if you meet any of the following profiles: 

  • a) Author of an official master's degree final project in progress or already submitted with registration at the EPSEM – UPC Manresa or UManresa – UVic – UCC. It must be 3 years after its delivery if you have already finished it.
  • b) Author or author of doctoral thesis in progress or deposited enrolled in or carried out at universities and/or research agents in Bages (EPSEM – UPCManresa, UManresa – UVic – UCC, Eurecat Manresa, Althaia, Institut Català de la Salut de la Catalunya Central or Sant Andreu Salut). If you have already deposited the thesis, it must be a maximum of 3 years.

In addition, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • c) Have the academic approval of the tutor and ensure that the information provided and inserted/linked to the thread or video can be disseminated publicly.
  • d) Have your own Twitter, Instagram or TikTok account. You may create it expressly to participate in the Awards.
  • e) Each person may only participate in one category of prizes, and only one thread or video per participant will be taken into account.

The concurrence of these requirements will be accredited when applying by presenting the documents indicated.

5. What should the proposal you submit be like?

You have absolute freedom when creating your proposal. You can use all kinds of elements that enrich the presentation of the content and make it more attractive and fun (links, emoticons, videos, images, GIFs, titles, subtitles, music, sound effects, etc.)

In any case, it is necessary to meet the following criteria:

  • Twitter threads will not be able to exceed 10 tweets. And Instagram or TikTok videos will not be able to exceed three minutes and will be in vertical format.
  • The content of the thread or video must be in Catalan or Spanish. You can submit your proposal in English if you are from outside Spain. 
  • In your proposal, you must tag the official social media accounts of the Consell Comarcal del Bages in each thread or video (Twitter: @consellbages Instagram: @consell.bages) and use the hashtag #PremisInnoBages. In addition, you will also need to label the official accounts of your centre and the collaborating institutions and/or entities.
6. I want to participate! What should I do?

You just need to present a proposal and upload it to the networks to participate! Once uploaded, you must fill in the application you can download at this link. (Instance)

Once completed, you must submit it by electronic registration ( or in-person to the County Council (c/Muralla de Sant Domènec, 24; Manresa).

7. Until what day can I submit my proposal?

The application deadline for the Awards will begin on May 8th and end on May 29th 2023.  NEW!! Period extension until june 23

8. Who will evaluate the proposals? And what will be the criteria?

It will be valued: 

  1. Expression and content: use of simple and informative language that allows the understanding of the context, the research topic and its importance for the non-specialized public. Describe the motivation, the research questions (why) and the needs that the TFM, research project or thesis want to address. 
  2. Creativity: appropriate, attractive and fun use of elements that enrich the content (emoticons, images, links, videos or animated GIFs). Capture the attention from the beginning to the end of the thread or video, mainly from the target audience (young people and teenagers), with ingenious and fun content. 
  3. Gender perspective: use of resources and inclusive, non-sexist or hetero-normative language. Use of resources and questions to awaken girls' scientific and technological vocations. 
  4. Impact on social networks: the impact of the thread or video will be measured within the deadline for submission and publication of proposals through likes, retweets, views, statistics, etc.

Each jury member will score each evaluation criterion of each proposal presented with a grade from 0 to 10.

The jury will be composed of:

  • The Technical Head of the Economic Promotion and Rural Development Area of the Bages County Council
  • 1 Technician of the Economic Promotion and Rural Development Area of the Bages County Council who acts as Technical Secretariat.
  • 3 representatives of the Bages research agents.
  • 2 representatives of the Bages Training Board.
  • 1 person expert in communication.
9. How and when will I know the winning proposals?

Until June 8th, the jury will deliberate on the proposals received and issue its verdict. Once the jury's verdict has been issued, the Presidency of the Bages County Council will decide on awarding the Awards by Presidential Decree. 

The prizes will be notified to those interested the week of June 12th to 16. 

10. If I have doubts, where can I go?

In case of doubts or if you want to make a query, you can send us an email at: [email protected] or send a WhatsApp with your query to 610 207 986

For more information, you can also consult the Public Rules of the contest and the respective call in

Registration form